Success Stories

Arzina Khatun

"A Woman with High Ambitions"

In 2015, Arzina came to Dhaka from Sirajganj with her husband, who is a Sewing Machine Operator at Beximco. She began to work as a Helper at New Dacca Industries Ltd., a garment factory of Beximco Group. However, Arzina, who completed school with a Higher Secondary Certificate, immediately looked around and identified the job what she really wanted to be – a Production Reporter. She asked to be considered for the post on the basis of her educational qualifications; she was promoted two months later.  Now she earns more than her husband but her husband is proud of her progress and supports her ambitions. She is studying in order to complete her Bachelor of Arts (B.A) so that she can progress even further in the organisation.

Arzina, who is 28 years old, is physically handicapped; she has only one hand; her left arm ends at the elbow. However, her supervisor notices, her disability has not impacted her job performance in any way.

The Inclusive Job Centre (IJC) is arranging an artificial limb for Arzina and will assist her in finding a better position within Beximco management once she has completed her B.A. IJC has also contacted the training institute of the Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BKMEA) to identify courses that will support Arzina to progress further at Beximco.

Bangladesh’s Ready-Made Garments sector is facing a shortage of skilled managerswhere Arzina is a stellar example of the way that IJC is supporting to fill up that gap by promoting an inclusive workforce.