Success Stories

Md. Abdul Alim

“I waited for this job for so many years.”

Abdul Alim suffered typhoid in his early childhood and since he has a weak left leg. He only managed to study up to grade five. He was used to use a traditional bamboo stick for his movement. He learned tailoring and run a small tailoring business in his native village.

As a breadwinner, it was a very difficult time for him after he got married and having two children. A village tailor shop was not enough to support the family. He tried several times to get a job at the ready-made garment factories as he has previously experienced. But no factories allowed him to enter to the factory premise, looking at his physical condition or his bamboo stick.

He was tele assessed from a DPO by the Inclusive Job Centre. He was interviewed by the help of the Inclusive Job Centre in Spectra Sweater Ltd. He was selected a sewing machine operator at the factory. The Inclusive Job Centre provided him an axillary crutch for his sooth and better movement. Now he is living with his wife and children near the factory area with dignity.