Success Stories

Md. Hafizur Rahman

"A Worker Struggling with a Land Dispute"

Md. Hafizur Rahman  was very young when his father died, left him, his mother and three sisters. So, even though he had only finished class two, Hafizur went to work in a tailoring shop. Five years ago, when he was 21, he came to Dhaka from Rangpur and was hired as a Junior Sewing Machine Operator at a factory in the Export Processing Zone. However, a legal problem concerning land, he has inherited  forcing him to return home frequently and appear in the court. Most factories do not offer any leave options, so he had to quit his job twice in five years.

Finally, he was hired as a  Senior Sewing Machine Operator in 2015 at Crescent Fashion and Design Ltd., a factory in the Beximco Group. He is now satisfied because Beximco group has a flexible leave policy which  allows workers time off for emergencies.

Hafizur was born with one feeble, underdeveloped leg. His parents put a gold ring in his ear to ward off the evil eye. But the ring was lost or stolen many times. Somehow, his ear was badly affected  thus he is now   slightly incapable of hearing too, he can only hear loud sounds. Nevertheless, Hafizur’s supervisor is happy with his performance, noting that his disabilities do not impact on his output, which is very good. 

Occupational therapists from the IJC; the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) and the Centre for Disability in Development (CDD) have examined Hafiz’ leg and ears. His workstation has been adjusted to accommodate his disabilities and he was provided with a hearing aid. The therapist team also provided an appropriate design for the separate toilet that Crescent is building to accommodate persons with disabilities.