Success Stories

Md. Mominul Islam

"Overcoming Disabilities"

Md. Mominul Islam is from Dinajpur, where his father was employed as a casual agricultural worker on other people’s land. The second of eight children, Mominul, who was born with a club foot, was only able to complete class four. Then, he learned on  sewing and worked as a Tailor for many years.

In 2012, Mominul came to Dhaka and got a job as a dress maker for a private television channel.  One year later, he heard from his relative that there were openings at Beximco Group,  he went for an interview over there. Then, he started working at Crescent Fashion and Design Ltd.-2 as a Junior Sewing Machine Operator but was promoted to  Senior Sewing Machine Operator within a year.

Every morning and evening, 35-year-old Mominul rides his bicycle three kilometres between his home and the factory. Despite his club foot, he has never been late. According to his supervisor, ‘‘Mominul has never been absent, is well-mannered and has an above-average production rate.’’

The occupational therapist at the IJC has adjusted the peddle on Mominul’s bicycle to his club foot. Moreover, the IJC team has met with the supervisor to assess Mominul’s potential for further career progress. At the same time, PSES’ partner, the Centre for Disability in Development (CDD), is working to create awareness among the Beximco workforce about the fact that a club foot can be treated if appropriate interventions are undertaken when a child is still young.