Success Stories

Md. Ullash Mondal

“Succeeding Despite Multiple Disabilities” 

Md. Ullash Mondal, who is 23 years old and has a Grade nine education, worksas a Junior Sewing Machine Operator at Crescent Fashion and Design Ltd., a company in the Beximco Group. In 2014, Ullash’s father, who is in charge of quality control at a Beximco factory, learned that Beximco was hiring workers with disabilities. His son Ullash was born with multiple handicaps, including intellectual disability, a speech impediment and deformation of one hand.

Ullash was hired by Beximco as a Helper. However, his stellar performance surprised everyone including Beximco’s industrial engineering department. This department  arrange dan evaluation process for him a few months later.

After the evaluation, Ullash was promoted to Junior Sewing Machine Operator.Despite his handicaps, Ullash is good at his job and he likes it. His supervisor is happy with him because his production rate is good. Furthermore, he is always friendly and smiling. Ullash, meaning of his name is ‘joy’ in Bangla, quickly won the hearts of his co-workers.

The IJC has arranged speech therapy for Ullash at the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP). CRP will also evaluate his deformed hand to see if he would be benefited from an assistive device and will arrange for further training, as required.