Success Stories

Nashid Kalam

“I never thought I will able to hear properly and get a job. IJC helps me to get treatment and the job.” 

Nashid Kalam is a 22 year old  young boy. He was the oldest child among his five siblings. His father was the only earning members in the family. He has a hearing difficulty since his childhood. His physical difficulties and financial constraint, he stopped his education after completing S.S.C.

He came to Dhaka for a job or does something which would help his family. He came to CRP to search a job. He took a 6 months tailoring training from CRP. Meanwhile, in his training period, the counselor from the Inclusive Job Centre talked to him. The counselor found, he couldn’t follow the instruction of the trainer due to hearing problems. The Inclusive Job Centre helped him to get a proper hearing device. He was also offered counseling during his training period to cope with some family crisis. He was treated by a speech and language therapist from CRP after getting the hearing device.

After getting the hearing aid, he had completed his training successfully as tailor with good marks from CRP. The Inclusive Job Centre helped him to get job in the Aman Knitting Ltd. as a helper. Now he is happy with his job and supporting his family financially.