Success Stories

Sree Proshanto Kumar

"Developing Self-Confidence and Moving up"

Sree Proshanto Kumar is from Gaibandha in northern Bangladesh. He is a bright young man, who obtained a Higher Secondary Certificate when he was 18. However, he was unable to find a job because he was born with a physical disability: he has only two fingers on his right hand. He was therefore unemployed for two years.

Then one of his relatives, who works at the Beximco Group, told him that Beximco was hiring persons with disabilities. Proshanto went to Dhaka and applied for a job as a helper. However, the interviewer sensed that Proshanto had the potential to do far more and suggested that he should apply for the position of quality inspector. 

Proshanto was hired by Beximco Apparels Ltd. and has been very successful. He was promoted twice in the last four years – from Input Checker to Middle Checker and then to Final Checker. His supervisor is very pleased with his work. Now he is confident in his ability to make a living, Proshanto recently got married.

Proshanto has the potential to move up even further, and the Inclusive Job Centre (IJC) is helping him on this path. A counsellor at the IJC is advising him, helping him to develop  more self-confidence and to aim higher. The counsellor will also talk to his supervisor in order to identify the appropriate training for Proshanto. Once this is approved by Beximco management, Proshanto will be placed in an IJC training course that will prepare him for the next step in his career.