Success Stories

Zinia Akter

"Never Leave Your Dreams."

Zinia is a young, bright young girl with some Congenital Anomalies by birth. She is 29 years old and completed her master’s degree in General History from National University. Despite her severe eye problem, she has never ceased her study.

Zinia is the youngest child in her family. She lost his father at a very young age. She continued her study from school to University by doing tuition. She never took financial support from her family for her education rather sometimes she supported her family.

After completing master degree, she was looking for a job at CRP. The Inclusive Job Centre helped her to get computer training from CRP-Savar. After 6 months of training, she was recruited in Square Fashion Ltd as a Quality Inspector. She faced some adjustment problem in her workplace, and IJC counselor gave her counseling to solve this issue. She left her job because her eyesight was deteriorating.

She was under continuous counseling service and IJC team helped her to get a new the job in the Babylon Group as store officer. Now she is working confidently without any difficulties.