Help line

Help line is the one stop service for any query related to job vacancies, skills training, disable person’s organizations (DPOs) and job seekers. Help line will provide support to the job seekers among individuals with disabilities, if required, connect them with the physiotherapy and psychosocial counselling centre, inclusive skills training centre or guide them on how to apply for the job. Help line also promotes barrier-free workplace in the factories. Factory management may call the help line for any technical support for reasonable accommodation of persons with disabilities, on the job coaching or counselling on inclusion for their employees/workers or any other assistance related to inclusion. Help line is simultaneously working with factory management, Disable People Organization (DPO) and vocational training centres and Job seeker among persons with disabilities. It establishes a linkage between help line user and Inclusive Job Centre to encourage them to use Inclusive Job centre Services.
The jobs advertised at can also be accessed by dialing to help line number. Help line and are complementing each other to connect people with disabilities at the advertised jobs in the website.