IJC Services

Inclusive Job Centre is working on to facilitate demand oriented employment of persons with disabilities in the RMG sector.

To identify persons with disabilities for skills training

The Inclusive Job Centre is working to identify persons with disabilities for skills training by:

  1. Sensitization meeting
  2. Mobilizing potential persons with disabilities through Disable People Organization (DPOs) network.

We organized sensitization meetings with rehabilitation service providers, DPOs, Women Cafĕ leaders, Self Help Groups (SHGs). Those meetings have been targeted to sensitize them to the primary sources of identifying and referring the person with disabilities in the inclusive job centre. We are doing an online video assessment with the person with disabilities to assess work suitability, their physical condition and career counseling from the DPOs. By the mean time we also talk with the family members of the person with disabilities to motivate and ensure them that, they can contribute to their family which is the ultimate goal of PSES project. The IJC will link persons with disabilities for their right based training with the vocational training institutes for the enrollment of persons with disabilities in the existing course.

To increase their participation in skills training and employment

Demand based support are provided to training centres and RMGs ( Physical modification) as well as to the trainess ( i.e., wheelchair, prosthetics and orthotics devices) to increase participation and sustainability of the persons with disabilities. Career counseling is provided through the process to the persons with disabilities and their family members. After selection of trainees for the training, IJC team visit the training centers to follow up with them and for any counseling.

To improve minimum compliance standards in regards to disability inclusiveness in factories including their policies

Follow up visit to RMG factories are being done by the IJC team for the workplace identification of at least 150 persons with disabilities. IJC is working on to sensitize RMG sectors to recruit persons with disabilities in their workforce. We work on CVs sharing with RMGs and also present in the interview selection program of the persons with disabilities in the RMGs. Sometimes we bring the Persons with Disabilities with us to the RMGs to attend the interview program.

After recruitment of the persons with disabilities in the RMGs, our team along with counselor frequently visits for the follow up, counseling and additional support ( if he/ she need any assistive device to work or access in the factory).

To promote employment for the trained persons with disabilities in the RMG sectors as per their demand

Regular meetings are arranged with factories senior representative and relevant stakeholders for supporting the factories to implement different areas of inclusion. According to the assessment report recommending the areas of inclusion, inclusive job center is doing liaison and help the factories to outsource and workplace adjustments and barriers free environment  in the factories.